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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Update: Blogger Conference Call With Ed Meese

Several big name bloggers had the opportunity to join Ed Meese on a conference call this AM. They spoke about his piece in the NY Times "Amnesty By Any Other Name."

Here's a list of those blogging it...

Right Wing News

Captain's Quarters

Freeman Hunt

Michelle Malkin


Mary Katharine Hamm @ Hugh Hewitt

One thing jumped out at me as read this...

He pointed me to this Heritage Lecture from Helen Krieble:

We believe you should let private employment agencies licensed by the government open offices in Mexico and other countries. We believe that you should empower them to issue guest worker per­mits with no government-imposed limits.

If there is a job and there is a worker who wish­es to have that job, put them together with the profit motive that employment agencies have, which makes them be efficient and do the job well. Nobody comes in with a guest work permit if there isn’t a job, so they’re not standing on street corners hoping you’re going to pick them up to employ them.

Now, I don't claim to be as smart as Ed Meese, but, hasn't it occcured to anyone that the real reason we are in this pickle is because of greedy businesses that were unwilling to do things the right way in the first place. I don't think trust has been indicated yet, in fact trust may never be indicated again.

I keep hearing ideas like this and I need someone to explain to me how this makes sense. It literally sounds like "but dad, all the cool kids have STD's, I want one too!"

Therer is no possible way a company can prove no American will do a certain job, in fact, won't this be government sanction for those who simply wish to pay less than the prevailing wage?

If I'm wrong here please let me know how, but this doesn't make a lick of sense and merely seems like a workaround for these nasty, greedy business owners to get their low wage slaves with the legal approval of the government.

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