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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Things That Make You Go...


Source: Kender's Musings
(Washington, D.C., May 2, 2006) – Thousands of U.S. citizens and their foreign same-sex partners face enormous hardships, separation and even exile because discriminatory U.S. immigration policies deprive these couples of the basic right to be together, Human Rights Watch and Immigration Equality said in a report released today.

"Discriminatory U.S. immigration laws turn the American dream into a heartless nightmare for countless U.S. citizens and their foreign partners," said Scott Long, co-author of the report and director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program of Human Rights Watch. "As Congress debates immigration reforms, it should end discrimination against lesbian and gay immigrants as well as their U.S. partners."

The first-ever comprehensive report on the issue, "Family, Unvalued: Discrimination, Denial and the Fate of Binational Same-Sex Couples under U.S. Law," documents how U.S immigration law and federal policy discriminate against binational same-sex couples. The 191-page report documents the consequences of this discrimination and shows how it can separate not only loving partners from one another, but also parents from children. It also shows how this policy has destroyed careers, livelihoods and lives.
Um, excuse me for a moment I need to check something real quick...(assorted sounds of mumbling, talking on the phone, random radio tunings, one unexplained scream, and the sound of three cats being juggled briskly)

'Kay, I'm back, I just needed to check and see if I care about this at all, nope, I really don't.

"Binational Same-Sex Couples?"

See, lucky for these folks I am a firm believer in fair and equitable treatment so of course in the interests of fairness I think we should just deport everybody here illegally.

Now that's fair!

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