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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weeding Out the Pseudo-Conservatives

Just read this excellent opinion piece over at Human Events Online.

No conservative could vote for the immigration bill expected to come up in the U.S. Senate today. It is the worst bill ever considered by the Republican majority Congress.

President Bush’s Medicare prescription drug entitlement, which added $8 trillion in unfunded liabilities to the long-term national debt, was outrageously bad legislation. This bill is more outrageous. It carries not only great fiscal costs, but social and cultural ones as well.

And it will not secure the border.
Any idiot can determine that we've got to secure the border first, then we can work on fixing the mess and reforming our immigration policies. This push for "comprehensive immigration reform" is a poorly disguised attempt to blackmail the American people into embracing amnesty for millions who have broken our laws when it has already been proven AD NAUSEUM that it does not work. As a citizen I am insulted, and it looks like I'm not alone...

The bill also insults the intelligence of Americans. Its supporters insist it is not an amnesty. It obviously is: It allows people who have entered our country illegally to stay here and be rewarded with U.S. citizenship.
I've given up on my two save-an-illegal-screw-a-citizen senators. (Not that I'll ever stop e-mailing, faxing, writing and calling Durbin and Obama, mind you!) But when the Senate votes on this God-awful excuse for an immigration bill, we will definitely be able to determine who to support -- and who to fight with passion -- come election time, because...

No conservative could vote for this bill.
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