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Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Crap on the Bus

I am here to vent my frustration after another incident on the bus, this time on the way to work this morning. More intimidation tactics from a couple of folks -- and not the same ones as before -- who don't have the guts to just say what they think of me to my face.

A woman sitting next to me started talking to a guy who sat across from us. I tuned it out until I noticed that the guy kept fixing me with a hateful stare. Then I started listening unabashedly, but it didn't help much because my Spanish is minimal and rusty. But the guy kept staring at me with a flinty look, which, of course, made me feel uncomfortable.

After a while the guy inclined his head in my direction, said something which contained the word "quiero" (I want), and repeatedly made a violent kicking motion. They both laughed, and I got to enjoy the rest of my bus ride sitting with people who I knew would like to kick the shit out of me.

Ain't life grand?

I feel passionately about the immigration issue, I devote a lot of time to keeping up on things, and I actively pursue change. I demonstrate, I write, I contact my representatives. I am very up-front and honest about what I think about the whole thing, and what I think needs to happen.

And what is my reward? Representatives who call me the enemy, work against the citizens of this country, and cowardly people trying to intimidate me on my way to and from an honest, LEGAL day's work.

I don't hate anyone, yet I am labelled a racist because I stand up against the illegal invasion of the country I love and call home. One of the things I love about America is the richness of backgrounds that her citizens bring, yet I am labelled a xenophone because I'm not afraid to say that I think people should be penalized rather than rewarded for breaking the law to come here.

America cannot be all things to all people. We can be as much as possible to as many as possible...but only if we are still America.

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