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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Import Savages, And Get?

Source: the Observer
An undercover investigation has revealed disturbing evidence of Islamic extremism at a number of Britain's leading mosques and Muslim institutions, including an organisation praised by the Prime Minister. Secret video footage reveals Muslim preachers exhorting followers to prepare for jihad, to hit girls for not wearing the hijab, and to create a 'state within a state'. Many of the preachers are linked to the Wahhabi strain of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia, which funds a number of Britain's leading Islamic institutions.
Why its our "Good Friends" the Saudis, much like our "Good Friends" in Mexico.
At the Sparkbrook mosque, run by UK Islamic Mission (UKIM), an organisation that maintains 45 mosques in Britain and which Tony Blair has said "is extremely valued by the government for its multi-faith and multicultural activities", a preacher is captured on film praising the Taliban. In response to the news that a British Muslim solider was killed fighting the Taliban, the speaker declares: "The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulders."
Yay for multiculturalism! Yay! It's so exciting the we're importing clitorectomies and jihadists along with delicious Hummus, Yay!
Inside the Green Lane mosque in Birmingham, a preacher is recorded saying: "Allah has created the woman deficient." A satellite broadcast from the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, beamed into the Green Lane mosque suggests that Muslim children should be hit if they don't pray: "When he is seven, tell him to go and pray, and start hitting them when they are 10." Another preacher is heard saying that if a girl "doesn't wear hijab, we hit her"
What was that feminists, I couldn't hear you?
In a statement to Channel 4, Lord Ahmed, the convener of the government's Preventing Extremism taskforce, said he was worried about the programme's consequences: "While I appreciate that exaggerated opinions make good TV, they do not make for good community relations."
Andrew Stuttaford sez..."No, Lord Ahmed, it's religious fanaticism that doesn't make for good "community relations," and it's way, way past the time for the British government to do something effective about it."

Jake sez..."Remember boys and girls it's 'Islamophobia' to tell the truth about the savages, Islamophobia I say!"


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