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Sunday, January 07, 2007

When Really Dumb Folks...

Blog! Yay!

Source: WTF: Low IQ Blog
Feel free to add me to your group mailing list. Subjects of this nature hold a particular interest to me.

I can also understand, speak and write in Spanish as well, although believe that this problem is somewhat exaggerated. The vast majority of Hispanics are shortly detected after they cross the border, and then swiftly repatriated. The notion of them performing unskilled jobs on false social security numbers is also misleading as (1) even basic level employers such as Walmart and Burger King ask you on the application form if you have the legal right to live and work in the United States, and require such documentation to be brought to the interview to be examined and checked, and (2) there is a centralised database of all genuine social security numbers maintained at the Department of Labour in Washington DC, and any brief cross checking / referencing could immediately reveal any discrepancies.

Finally, my views are that it is not the job of these so called ' minute men ' vigilantes to patrol the border for illegal immigtants as they are private individuals without any formal legal authroity for that. Only the State, namely employees of the Department of Homeland Security, who have been properly trained and are experienced to deal with situations of that nature, should engage in that actvity.

Let's take the second point first...(this is from my ongoing manuscript)
On FreeRepublic one commenter got it just right…”it is not their place to not enforce our laws, it is the place of our police officers, our safety officers to not enforce our laws."
Now as to the first point...

Well Rubina, who are these folks then? Leprechauns?

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