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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Free Ramos & Compean!

On Saturday January 13th Americans all over the country will be gathering to ask our renegade government to release Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean. If you don't know the story here are some previous

The American Freedom Riders are putting this shindig together, they have information at their I'll be posting on this every day next week up til the event and hope to have pictures and maybe video to post next Saturday.

Please consider giving up a couple of hours next week for two men who definitely qualify as American heroes in my book. The Chicago and Midwest Minutemen will taking part here in Chicago. So if you're of a mind come on down and hang out with us.

Free Ramos & Compean!!

H/T Cactus Wren

PS-- If anyone would like the original graphic drop me an email and I'll send it to ya!

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