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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Effects...

Of importing folks who A.) come here illegally, and B.) hail from a culture that doesn't have the highest regard for the law...
A sobriety checkpoint set up Friday night is causing controversy in one Nashville neighborhood. Many roadblocks set up recently have been in areas with large Hispanic populations, raising concerns of discrimination.

This particular checkpoint is on Murfreesboro Road near the intersection of Thompson Lane, an area where a lot of Hispanics live. Police say the checkpoints have nothing to do with race, and that the locations of the checkpoints are decided based on crime rates.

Police say no one should worry about the checkpoints. They’re to keep the public safe, and keep drunk drivers off the streets. They say they don’t ask for identification, and only stop a car if they see a visual indication that the driver has been drinking.

Just recently, the Davidson County sheriff’s department announced deputies will have the authority to check immigration status of those booked into Metro jails. Some fear sobriety checkpoints will lead to police asking for proof of legal residence, regardless of whether the driver is intoxicated.
How lovely, how long until we have to start bribing teacher for grades? Until you will fear handing a police officer your license? This is the natural outcome of importing Mexico into this country.

This is almost as wrong as this...

H/T immigration watchdog

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