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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Illegal Immigration Facts?

Source: The Aerie
I've had this argument before in other venues, but I've noticed a really disturbing thing. In trying to research actual facts about the effects of illegal immigration, I'm having trouble finding anything but the same propaganda messages repeated all over the Internet.

Nine months ago when I debated this topic on a local forum, I was able to Google up information about how certain anti-immigration myths used today go back to Nineteenth-century tactics used against Italians and Irish. Now when I search on the same terms, I get page after page and blog after blog repeating the same vicious anti-immigration article, to the point where I can no longer find the factual reference on the Nineteenth century that I found nine months ago. It's Big Lie theory applied to the blogosphere: get enough wingnuts to post the same things, and the search engines will be overwhelmed.
Yes, yes, eeeeeevil "wingnuts!" So evil, so deliciously evil! (we don't mean to be evil, we're just drawn that way!)

Actually I agree with this schmudnick. Hard data on illegal immigration is very hard to come by. I freely admit it. But that leads me to a more important question...


When our government will spend millions of dollars on VD studies and the proper way to floss your buttcheeks, why is hard data on illegal immigration and its effects so difficult to lay your hands on?

The first obvious conclusion is that if hard data were out there it would impact illegal immigration cheerleaders and their puppy raping brethren adversely, and perhaps that's true. Without the data we'll never really know will we?

I think groups like NumbersUSA and FAIR are trying their best to be fair (pun intended), but without data points from the government, who is obviously the organization best suited to collect this sort of data, the best it can ever be is an educated guess.

I'll ask again, why would the government make it so hard to learn the factual, statistical truth about illegal immigration? It's hard not to presume that the answer is that the truth would not set illegal immigrants free.

It would most likely send them packing predominantly back to Mexico.

My .02, what say you?

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