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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


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La Vista Police Arrest Man On Charge Of Impersonating Officer

LA VISTA, Neb. -- La Vista police said a man is under arrest after an officer watched him try to pull over another vehicle with flashing strobe lights on his SUV.

Guillermo J. Olivarres-Castro, 21, is charged with impersonating a police officer, among other charges.

According to La Vista police, Officer Brian Stolley was on patrol near the 7400 block of South 66th Street when he watched a white 1999 Lincoln Navigator attempt to make a traffic stop on another vehicle using flashing strobe lights on the front grill of his vehicle. The officer initially believed the Navigator may have been an unmarked police car that was attempting to make a stop. The officer turned his vehicle around to help what he thought was a colleague, and in doing so talked to the Navigator's driver.

Officers located wiring from the strobe lights in the grill that led to a toggle switch in the vehicle.

Olivarres-Castro was transported and booked at the Sarpy County Jail.

Police said they're not sure Olivarres-Castro is a U.S. citizen. They said he showed a Mexican consulate card, not a driver's licenses.

Investigators said Olivarres-Castro admitted to police he was trying to get the other vehicle to pull over.

"The driver admitted he was acting like the police trying to pull over the other motorist because he felt the driver was driving crazy, erratic," said La Vista Lt. D.J. Barcal. "The concern is anyone could be pulled over under the assumption they're being pulled over by a legitimate law enforcement official."

Officers said they're not sure what Olivarres-Castro's intentions were once the other driver was stopped.
These "New Americans!" Is there anything they can't do?

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