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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

LULAC To America: Don't Enfoce The Law Meng!

Source: The Hill

LULAC continues its slide into pure racial and ethnic chauvinism with this clueless display...
Hispanic leaders are making two clear statements: Reform should include a path to legal residency for the 12 million illegal immigrants now working in the U.S., and a guest-worker program supported by President Bush, which would require foreign workers to return home after several years, is inadequate. They also oppose the building of a fence along the Mexican border intended to stem the flow of immigration.
Gee, think there's any immigration laws they would like to see enforced?

Here's a thought, if they like the non-enforcement of laws so much? Turns out, there's a country that pretty much already works that way. Why don't they shag there un-American asses there?

H/T Lonewacko who has more on the unsavory groups affiliated with our "good friends" LULAC

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