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Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's Up With The Hmong?

Source: signs on san diego

This is the second time an Hmong immigrant has started shooting when asked to leave...
WAUSAU, Wis. – The fatal stabbing of a Hmong immigrant during a squirrel hunt was self defense and not a hate crime, the fiancee of a man being questioned in the incident told The Associated Press.

Authorities have released few details about the slaying of 30-year-old Cha Vang of Green Bay, pending formal charges in the case, but the fiancee of James Nichols said Tuesday he indicated he acted in self-defense after being shot in the hands.

“There was a verbal confrontation first,” Dacia James, 20, said in a telephone interview from her home in Marinette.

“Jim didn't intend to do this. He wasn't going out hunting for people. He was hunting for squirrels. He was defending himself,” she said. “Jim is not racist at all. He has friends from every ethnic background he has ever come in contact with.”
This is the sentence I wanted to highlight here...
Vang's wife has said he spoke no English and could not have provoked an attack.
Pardon? I believe he certainly could have initiated or provoked an attack with or without English. Ever hear of a little thing called 'body language?" You don't have to share a common tongue to know somebodies fixin to kill your ass.

Still and all, what's up with the Hmong?

And of course, is it important to speak English in America?

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