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Friday, January 12, 2007

"One Last Great Hope?"

Source: The Anchoress
When Islamofascism rolls in to occupy Paris (it is very nearly there) it will not do so with tanks. It will do so with burquas for the women, swords for the gays and calls for prayer for everyone. What do you think France will do? What is it doing, already?

Who will fight, then? Just us…and the UK for a little while longer, and the Aussies. We have one last great hope to defeat this advancing ideology and that hope is to give the non-fascists a taste of liberty and democratic process, and an opportunity to enter into the marketplace of goods and ideas.
Or, when they've finally pissed us off enough that their apologist spokesholes from groups such as CAIR and the ACLU are rightly laughed from the adult table, we can squash them like bugs.

Just sayin'.

If our "one last great hope" is hoping we can teach savages to love liberty? then we in some deep doo-doo.

Somehow the "Islamic Thinkers Society" just doesn't get old for me!

H/T Michelle Malkin

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