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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Other Surge?

Mark Krikorian writes at NRO
Since it seems fairly certain to me now that we’re going to end up evacuating Baghdad’s green zone from the embassy roof in helicopters, what I’m worried about is the much more significant “surge” we’re going to have to deal with—Iraqi refugees, virtually all of them our Sunni enemies, being resettled by the hundreds of thousands in the United States. Thomas Friedman in today’s NY Times writes: “Of course, just leaving would be bad for us and terrible for those Iraqis who have worked with us. We need to give them all U.S. passports.” And that’s just what’s going to happen, just as France took in nearly 100,000 Harkis after the Algerian war, though the Iraqi flow here is likely to be an order of magnitude greater. The number coming here so far has been small, but it’s going to grow rapidly. Which is why in the future we need to factor in considerations of the immigration fallout before we launch foreign policy initiatives. For instance, the immigration created by our absurd intervention in Somalia has resulted in Somali cabbies at the Minneapolis Airport trying to impose Islamic strictures on travelers there (see this from a NY Sun story this week)—no one could have predicted that specific outcome, but something like it was bound to happen, and is a cost of involvement in the Islamic world. In the words of CAIR: “Now that the Muslims are here, they need to be accommodated.”
Oh crap!


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