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Friday, January 12, 2007

Yeah, That's A Winning Idea!

Source: WND
Union Pacific is asking the Federal Railroad Administration to allow a train that regularly originates in Mexico to undergo safety inspections south of the border and enter without any checks in the U.S.

..."The Union Pacific wants the train safety inspections to be performed in Mexico, where U.S. safety regulations have no force and need not be followed, and where the level of safety training and commitment is unknown," [Paul Thompson of the United Transportation Union] said.

Thompson further argues a drug war has been raging in Nuevo Laredo.

"It is too dangerous for Americans to set foot in Nuevo Laredo," Thompson said. "Union Pacific says with a straight face that mechanical safety inspections of trains can be performed safely in Mexico, but even its own officials won't travel there. Nor will FRA officials even visit the facility where these inspections allegedly will be performed by who knows whom, under unknown conditions, and with no U.S. federal safety oversight."
What could go wrong?

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