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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Left And Free Speech

One of the more annoying things if you do anything in public these days are the "speech monitors." What are the "Speech Monitors" you may ask?
A controversial American writer and speaker who publicizes views many Canadians find offensive was roughed up at a Halifax hotel Tuesday night after obscenity-spouting protesters prevented him from delivering a talk on race and integration.

Dozens of demonstrators—many of them young people hiding their faces behind balaclavas or bandanas—shouted down Jared Taylor inside a meeting room at the Lord Nelson Hotel.

A couple of protesters shoved him into a hallway but were prevented from manhandling him further by an opponent who had come to hear what Mr. Taylor had to say.

Prior to that incident, most of the demonstrators swore loudly at Mr. Taylor and told him to get out of town. At one point in the tense confrontation, several protesters surrounded him an d tossed torn copies of pamphlets he had brought with him at his head.

Others banged on noisemakers and hooted and hollered.

“Leave! Leave! The message is clear!” anti-racist activists yelled at Mr. Taylor. “Get out! Get out! Exit the building!” they sa id.

The f-word was flying around the room as protesters tried to intimidate the man, who in turn mocked them about using “such charming language.”
Who are they to decide who speaks? And if the same thing was done to them? Would they cry 'fascism?' 'Racism?'

What if Noam Chomsky had come to town and a group of conservative students decided to give him the same treatment? Would that be okay with these mouth breathing retards? I think not.

I have to give kudos to the paper for not white washing the "race activists" behaviour, even when I think they're whitewashing who these kids are and who they represent.

I'm not supporting or not supporting Jared Taylor here, I don't know much about him, and he's one of my least favorite writers over at Vdare (VFR has some stuff about him approving of Israels But that's really not the point. As he says...
"If what I have to say is either wrong or loathsome, it should be very easy to refute."
The remedy for bad speech is more speech.

Because once you start going down this road it only leads to one place, violence. In fact, I don't have a hard time imagining gathering twenty or so axe handles and beating the ever loving snot out of these punks. Or, conversely, pulling the exact same stunt on one of their beloved but retarded leftist speakers.

One more thing, "race activists" my eye. I'll eat my hat if Che was not proudly on display in that room on a hat or a t-shirt or a scarf. These guys were socialists or communists. They are welcome to be those things, but why won't any news network ever report that rather salient detail? I can tell you every time the Chicago Minutemen are counter protested it is by socialists or communists, who have the word socialist or communist scribbled right on their sign. Yet our watchdog media refers to them as "immigration activists" or don't identify them at all. Why do you think that would be? (Mudville Gazette has another great example of this phenomenon here.)

Some examples...

Right on the bottom of their signs it says socialist, perhaps our three monkey media can't read?

As to masked men? We have a little experience with this sort of thing...

Video here. (blood pressure medication warning!)

The Left in this country has decided that they are now the "Speech Monitors." Those they like can speak, everybody else, not so much. It needs to stop and stop now before something bad happens, cuz I guarantee these nerdlets will be crying and puling like little girls when the smackdown comes on'em.


VFR has posted part of Mr. Taylor's speech here. Makes a lot of sense to me, what say you?


The "Richard Warman Hates Freedom" blog has the speech in it's entirety. Powerful stuff, please read it and judge for yourself.

Katie's Dad writes in comments...
After a lot of consideration, I came to the conclusion a while back that anti-racism is far more virulent and destructive than racism can ever be.


Because racism springs from the human nature, the deep-seated human desire, for living with and among the familiar. Anti-racism is a wrong-headed attempt to eradicate a part of our very force if necessary.
Read his linked post, really good stuff.


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