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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The 'New Americans?"

A Lexington police officer was back on duty last night after a traffic stop turned violent the night before.

Officer Donnie Salmons, 32, suffered minor injuries after being attacked on Todds Road, not far from the Clark County line. He was punched and kicked for several minutes, police officials said at a news conference.

Other officers spent yesterday looking for a gray Chevy Astro minivan and the four men who fled the scene late Wednesday night.

Shortly after 11:30 p.m., Salmons noticed the vehicle on Todds had no license plate, so he pulled the minivan over about a mile east of North Cleveland Road.

The men got out of the vehicle and quickly walked toward Salmons’ police cruiser, Police Chief Anthany Beatty said.

Salmons got out and drew his service weapon, then holstered it after he realized the men weren’t armed. However, the men apparently disobeyed his commands to stop and continued toward him.

The officer grabbed for his pepper spray and was able to spray the driver, but some of the spray also went into Salmons’ face blinding him, Beatty said.

Salmons later told police he thought he was on the ground for six minutes and was kicked and punched in the head and upper body before the men fled. He was wearing a bulletproof vest but suffered some scrapes and bruises, Maj. Barry Cecil said.

Salmons eventually called for help, but backup was not immediately on the way because the officer had not given any indication he needed assistance when he first pulled the vehicle over, Cecil said.

During the attack, Salmons’ shirt was torn in several places. The shirt was sent to the police crime lab to better determine whether a weapon was used, Cecil said. If it is determined a knife or other weapon was used, the suspects could face more serious charges than assault, Cecil said.

Salmons told police it appeared the men did not understand English. Spanish-speaking police officers searched for the van and the men yesterday in and around farms in eastern Fayette County.
And so it will go as we allow Mexico and points beyond to colonize this nation. This disrespect for our laws and our citizens will continue to heat up until there is a massive backlash against Hispanics. Way to go La Raza, LULAC, Maldef, PRLDEF, when the shit hits the fan and your casting around for someone to blame?

May I recommend looking in a mirror?H/T immigration watchdog

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