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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Immigration policy now out of control

Is the title of an excellent op-ed out of Nashville...
It is a simple phrase, but one which well describes the state of our nation’s immigration practices and policy.
And that is no longer a position held only by rabid members of the far right wing.

“This Fuentes case is just the latest example of how our border system is out of control and how our immigration system is out of control. …Securing our borders should be a top goal of Congress this year. Congress fell down on the job the last several years in not being able to pass a bill. We really have no idea who is crossing our borders.”

Those are the word of Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper of Nashville. The case of which he speaks is that of convicted murderer Ronald Fuentes, one of the 13 Nashville MS-13 gang members indicted by federal authorities last week.

Fuentes was initially deported after serving his Tennessee prison time, immigration officials said Wednesday. And although he was deported to his native El Salvador, Fuentes, 27, re-entered the United States less than a year later and engaged in more alleged gang violence in Nashville according to the recent federal indictments. (see the 'Deportation Joke' -- ed.)

The Fuentes case is a clear cut escalation of a trend Nashvillians have already witnessed. In different cases alleged drunk drivers who are also illegal immigrants have maimed or killed Middle Tennesseans on our city’s streets.

It is clear that illegal immigration is having a real impact on our community. This round of indictments of MS-13 gang members — an organization deemed the most dangerous gang in America by the FBI — are proof positive.

Cooper and other fellow Democrats are not alone in wanting a better immigration policy and practice for our country. Ironically, President George W. Bush presented a plan for immigration reform last year deemed too liberal by members of his own Republican Party.

Then Congressional Republicans sat on their hands, paralyzed by election year nerves, and failed to pass any meaningful legislation dealing with illegal immigration.

Cooper is correct when he says it should be Congress’ number one goal to secure our borders and deal with illegal immigration. It should be done in such a way that does not rob America of more well-meaning, law abiding immigrants. But criminal syndicates having free access to our borders is an unacceptable state of affairs.
And as our 'cheerful invaders' become more and more violent this point of view will enter the mainstream. Brenda Walker over at Vdare takes a look at how fewer 'cheerful invaders' are committing more violent attacks on the border.

And of course the more we show ourselves unwilling to deal seriously with this problem, the more contemptuous our 'cheerful invaders' will become of this country and her citizens.

Welcome to your future folks all brought to you courtesy of our near pointless federal gub'mint.

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