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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

When In Doubt...Smear!

Source: Al-Reuters

In what passes for journalism these days alleged "reporter" Tim Gaynor does his level best to frighten you into believing that the Minutemen are skinning and eating delicious migrants on our Southern border...
PHOENIX (Reuters) - Reaching into the back of a truck, U.S. anti-immigration activist Don Pauly grabs a Mexican flag, a can of lighter fuel and an aluminum baking tray and heads to the curbside outside the Mexican consulate.

As a small group of police officers, protesters and puzzled bystanders look on, he douses the green, red and white flag with fuel and spits on it for good measure, while an eye-patch wearing accomplice strikes a match.

"We need to get rid of all those who are destroying our country," Pauly said as the national colors of United States' southern neighbor flamed out on the sidewalk in central Phoenix earlier this month. "We are being invaded."

The founder of the Emigration Party of Nevada is among a growing number of nativists from across the United States that have been stepping up direct action in recent months to make a stand on the issues of illegal immigration and border security.

The milder end of the spectrum includes the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, who spot for illegal entrants crossing the borders from Mexico and Canada, and councilors in towns and cities from California to Pennsylvania who vote to curb landlords from renting to undocumented immigrants.
Got it, burn an American flag and rail against GWB -- progressive hero, burn a Mexican flag and talk of invasion -- nativist bigotty big. Like I said, message received.

But wait, like a ginsu commercial on steroids, there's more (and you knew there would be)...
The wilder fringe stretches from activists who burn Mexican flags -- like Pauly and his eye patch-wearing companion Laine Lawless -- to brutal thugs like a Texan teenager sentenced to 90 years in jail in December for sodomizing a Hispanic youth with a pole.

"We have seen an explosion of these groups, a real prairie fire that has spread across the country in quite an amazing way," said Mark Potok, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's intelligence project, which has tracked their rise.
Did the Minutemen sodomize the youth? Uh, no. In fact it had nothing to do with illegal immigration as far as I can tell, racist? Yes, illegal immigration, no.

Ohhh, those scary Minutemen, all those scary veterans who continue to serve their country. Next thing you know they'll suggest America shouldn't be a flophouse for Mexico's failed economic policies, those racist bastards!

This is just sad, it, and the SPLC* and Reutersseem unable to rise above the level of 'niener -- neiner' rhetoric when talking about the Mimutemen. Perhaps when your purpose for existence is to flout the law, anyone who demands the law be enforced will appear as a scary nativist xenophobio racist boogieperson (aren't you proud of my PC lovin' ways here?).

Expect many more of these hit pieces in the weeks to come as our elite haircuts line up to fellate Mexico by providing every one of their citizens with every blessing America can provide, on your nickel of course.

I would fisk more of this article but what's the point? It's not really all that funny and it just makes my ass itch.

As Lonewacko sez..."Democrats to save us from "nativists"" I would only add a ? on the end for a hearty scoop of delicious irony.

*Is my memory failing me here? Didn't the SPLC used to put out a 'Delicious Migrant Cookbook?" I mean, if they don't do that anymore why bother?

H/T Lonewacko via Jack Lewis