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Sunday, December 24, 2006

110% Preventable!

Source: Daily news
LONG BEACH — Police sought the public’s help Saturday as they searched for a “known thug” who shot two police officers during a traffic stop Friday on a bustling downtown street.

Police Chief Anthony Batts identified the suspect as Oscar Manuel Gallegos, a 36- or 37-year-old Long Beach resident with a lengthy criminal record that includes arrests for drugs, terrorist threats and assault.

Batts urged members of Gallegos’ family, some of whom live in Long Beach, to cooperate with police, and had another message for the suspect at a press conference late Saturday.

“Turn yourself in because we are coming from you,” Batts said. “You cannot run long enough or far enough until we catch you.”

Police issued a warrant for Gallegos’ arrest on charges of attempted murder of a police officer. They urged to the public to help but warned that Gallegos should be considered “armed and extremely dangerous.”

Batts described Gallegos as a “known thug” and said his first arrest was in 1990 in Long Beach on a firearms violation. He was deported in 1994, he said.

He may have been deported several times,” Batts said.
H/T immigration watchdog

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