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Friday, December 22, 2006

If You Don't Count, How Can You Know?

Source: LA Times

We are often accused of inflating crime figures against illegal aliens because we often post stories about illegal immigrants committing crimes. We title these pieces 100% preventable because no matter how many crimes illegal aliens commit as a percentage of our population, had the individual not been present in this country they could not have killed or raped that citizen.

But here's a little secret the open borders types don't want you to know, most cities and towns do not keep any sort of count of how many of their inmates are illegal aliens so how can anyone know accurately how many crimes they might be committing? Answer, we can't. But, the simple fact that nobodies counting speaks volumes to me, because if illegal aliens weren't committing crimes in large numbers I think we'd have hard and fast numbers falling out of our butts.

But we don't. Reading this story over at Digger's got me thinking about this...
In Los Angeles County, using trained deputies in the jail led to a 65% increase in the number of inmates referred for deportation, up to an average of 543 per month, federal officials said Thursday.
Care to wager that before they began running these checks the open borders crowd posited a number much smaller than the one presented in the article? I think that's a safe bet, and let's recall that instituting the checks increased the number of inmates referred for deportation 65%!

Not exactly chump change. Digger reports that in Orange County when they began a similar program out of 3,000 inmates screened 75% were found to be illegals.

In the interest of fairness I gladly concede that hard and fast numbers on how many illegals are committing crimes is hard to come by, but that's because nobody was asking that rather salient question. If you support illegal immigration I would ask in fairness don't you think we should be counting? Isn't this an important piece of information in the debate over this nation's future immigration policies?

It seems to me every time a locality located in 'Occupied America*' begins tallying how many of their prisoners are illegals the numbers are extremely high. Again, doesn't it seem odd that our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies who write reports and keep statistics as a matter of course appear to have no interest in how many illegal aliens are committing crimes in America?

I know I do, how about you?

*Occupied America is any locale in America that has been overrun by illegal aliens.

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