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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Source: I would provide one but Conor @ Beyond Borders has dropped the ball here, ahem!

Conor @ Beyond Borders Blog feels Senor Calderon, Mexico's new president is "sounding sensible" in this article, he may lack Jake's eagle eye but I'll show ya what caught my eye...
Calderon said he has also ordered all fees collected from migrants at Mexican consulates in the United States be used to defend their rights in that country. Migrants groups have complained that much of the money now goes toward administrative costs.
So, if I understand this, it is 'sensible' for Hombre Calderon to use the money Mexicans in this country pay for their "commit crimes now" matricular consular cards to what again? "Defend thier rights?"

What rights? Do I have to explain Jake's "Ham Sammich Rule" again?

Sigh, okay, here goes...
Jake's Ham Sammich Rule: All illegal aliens are entitled to a well prepared and frankly delicious Ham Sammich before we ask them sternly to get the hell out, as always a fizzy soda is optional.
Sensible? I don' teenk so skeepy!

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