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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nope, No Hysteria Here

The left often seems clueless as to why sane folks treat them like mildly retarded, nay, wildly retarded children. Well, headlines like this one from FireDogLake ain't helpin'...

Take Action: Immigrants Imprisoned in American Concentration Camps, On Christmas

Immigrants? Really? So, their green cards were knocked out of their widdle illegal hands and then they were herded in boxcars to Auschwitz? K?

But that's not all in the bed wetting competition...
Now, we learn of American concentration camps for brown people, holding hundreds of children, just in time for Christmas, here on mainland American soil. As allied forces liberated Europe after defeating Germany, the undesirables of the Nazi regime were set free. Who will liberate these people?

It has to be you.
As Kathy Griffin put it so well..."A tear?"

The unfortunate thing is that this individual, when the heavy breathing is over, actually makes a couple of good points, to wit...
no discussion of immigration reform is in any way honest or serious if it excludes serious tracking and enforcement mechanisms on employers. Period. *snip*

If we can create a point of sale system to verify credit card accounts at purchasing sites all over the country, we can create a central verification and tracking process to ensure workers hired are legal. My issuing bank tells me if there's unusual or suspicious activity on my card, and I get a regular accounting of all charges on my card that I can verify personally. I think some central system could pick up if someone is working under my name at a second full time job somewhere. This is not rocket science.
On this we agree 200%! It is literally ridiculous to suggest that this can't be done, of course it can and it should but our government doesn't want to. An entirely different thing to be sure.

It's a damn shame that good stuff like that is completely invalidated by more from "IP Nightly"...
It's all the exploitation of brown people, the criminalization of children and families, the placing of children in prison uniforms on American soil just before Christmas: American concentration camps.
K, whatever. Until you grow up enough to understand that even though there may very well be aspects of this that are indeed unfair, yet, the illegal alien has still entered this country illegally and indeed should be slow cooked over a low flame and gently rubbed with spices until...

I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

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