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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Is Virgil Goode Be De Debbil?

Virgil Goode recently sent out a constituent letter wherein he took issue with incoming congressman Keith Ellison swearing his oath on the Koran. Many have taken issue with Mr. Goode, calling him all sorts of names.

As a possible palliative please take a moment and read these offerings...

Everything you need to know about Saudi Arabia in one brief story

Ethiopia tolerated and included “moderate” Muslims—and paid for it

Keith Ellison's terror-loving friends

Exclusive: Al Qaeda U.K. on the Prowl for Targets; Encouraged to Strike During the Holidays

Hope is not a political position. There is precisely nothing wrong with looking and seeing what is happening. Perhaps American Muslims are somehow different from the rest of the Muslims inhabiting the planet, perhaps not.

It is not 'bigoted', 'racist', or whatever thought deadening insult currently being hurled to note a consistent activity, especially when these activities are deadly both to life and limb as well as liberty worldwide.

If you still think this is rank "whateverism" please take a gander at this...

Dreher, having had a meeting with Muslims, further considers Separationism

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