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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Aah! The Sound of Whining Racemongers in the Morning!

Source: LA Times

In the latest turn in the two-year debate about local law enforcement role's in controlling illegal immigration, 14 Orange County sheriff's deputies graduated Thursday from a program that will allow them to check the immigration status of county inmates.

The checks should significantly increase the number of inmates deported after serving their sentences, Sheriff Michael S. Carona said.


Officials with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund said they wanted the Sheriff's Department to keep statistics so it could be determined whether Latino suspects were being jailed more frequently for minor crimes in order for deputies to check their immigrant status.
Aaaaaaawwww. Poor babies. Here's a tip, offered to illegal aliens of all races, colors, creeds and countries of origin: if you're trying to avoid being caught and deported for your original crime, don't commit any "minor crimes" that will put you in the position of having your immigration status scrutinized.

That said, ROCK ON O.C.!

Of the 66,000 county inmates in 2005, only 3,000 were checked for immigration status under a previous system in which one federal agent worked in the jail. Of the 3,000, 75% were illegal immigrants, Carona said.

In Los Angeles County, using trained deputies in the jail led to a 65% increase in the number of inmates referred for deportation, up to an average of 543 per month, federal officials said Thursday.
Note to my own Mayor Daley and Cook County Commissioner Maldonado: See what happens when you offer illegal aliens a healthy dose of law enforcement, instead of sanctuary? A safer place for the people you're supposed to be looking out for: citizens and legal residents.

What a concept.

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