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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas to Illegal Aliens

Leaders in Cook County, Illinois, are trying to tie a big fat red bow on a sanctuary policy and slip it under the Christmas tree for illegal aliens in the Chicago area. And my own Cook County Commissioner Race Pandering Whore, Roberto Maldonado, is playing Santa Claus.

Maldonado introduced the resolution to make Cook County a sanctuary county back in September. It has, until today, not been put to a vote.

The Cook County Board of Commissioners convenes for its last meeting of the year at 10:00 this morning. And lookee, lookee what's on the agenda...

ITEM #62

Transmitting communication, dated December 12, 2006 from

ROBERTO MALDONADO, County Commissioner

I am submitting this Resolution for a vote at the December 19, 2006 Board meeting. The Resolution prohibits the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and other Cook County bureau, offices, departments, and employees from inquiring or disclosing information about the immigration status of Cook County residents.
From Maldonado's website:

“We need comprehensive immigration reform legislation that will uphold our nation’s basic values of fairness, equal opportunity and respect for the law, while keeping families united regardless of their immigration status,” Commissioner Roberto Maldonado said.
Upholding the "basic values of fairness, equal opportunity and respect for the law" while offering sanctuary to illegal aliens until Congress passes an amnesty to keep "families united regardless of their immigration status" is an oxymoron.

Let me be frank: I don't think Maldonado would recognize fairness, equal opportunity and respect for the law if they bit him in the ass.

But surely, while he's all dressed up in that Santa suit, he'll be delivering a little something for us law-abiding citizen-residents of Cook County, right? I have to 'fess up. I peeked in my stocking, and it's filled with a tax bill to pay for the medical care, education, uninsured accidents, etc., of Cook County's illegal alien population, and a generous gift card for a little store called Injustice 'R Us.

A lump of coal has never looked so good.

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