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Monday, December 18, 2006

A Hispanic President?

Source: RCP

Ruben Navarette (Harvard grad!) has a new piece up suggesting that the time is ripe for Bill Richardson (Loves Cock!) to run for president. The implication being that racist America needs someone of color in office to prove to Rubin that we're not really racist as he avers, he sez...
It's about time a credible and qualified Hispanic made a serious bid for the presidential nomination of a major political party. With the highest ratio of Medal of Honor recipients relative to their percentage of the population, Hispanics have given much to this country. It's time they added a presidential candidate to the list.
This got me thinking about something and it's something I've meant to write about for a while now. I did a post a couple of months ago entitled " A Challenge: One Patriotic Hispanic Politician?" wherein I studied the immigration positions of every federal Hispanic politician I could find info on. To a one they were bad on immigration, yet, even Chris at Lonewacko appeared horrified by what I wrote, saying in comments beneath the post...
There might be some Republican Hispanic politicians who aren't the same as the ones you list, such as Idaho's Robert Vasquez.
He then went on to detail several traitorous weaselsnake Hispanic politicians so I was confused what his message ultimately might be, I replied...
I hear you and agree LW. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Vasquez here at a Minuteman function and literally a finer patriot you could not imagine.

But, he's not in congress or the Senate is he? I scoured the lists and could not come up with one federal Hispanic politician with a non-excrable record on immigration issues Republican or Democrat.

I accept the possibility there could be, if so could you direct me to who that might be.
I'm still waiting. See here's my confusion on this issue, I used to attend a writer's group here in the Windy City where I met a gentlemen named Charlie. Charlie is one of the most singularly patriotic individuals I've ever met. He's a huge supporter of Bush, he loves this country and he's Hispanic.

And he has cut off all contact with me because of my position on illegal immigration.

So, how does the one thing effect the other? Does his patriotism, which is genuine and not feigned, supercede the fact that he is at the very same time supporting an erosion of the rule of law? Does his support of the war on terror negate the fact that he's also a race chauvinist?

And how can I know that if a choice in the war on terror affected "his people" adversely that he wouldn't make a decision based on ethnicity over the good of this country?

Do I have a problem in the abstract with the idea of a Hispanic president? I do not. Nor any color, it is a tenet of conservatism that we should always prefer the best man for the job, yet, when it comes to a Hispanic president currently, well, which of our many, many race pandering whores shall we select?

Or rather, I'll restate my question from the earlier piece..." A Challenge: One Patriotic Hispanic Politician?"

Patriotism cannot be a garment thrown off if you don't get what you want, and unfortunately that is the attitude displayed by far too many otherwise deeply patriotic Hispanics. Here's the thought process as far as I can discern it..."Since I love this country you better allow all Hispanics to move here or your saying I'm a bad person and I won't love this country any more."

Well, if that is the position of Hispanics regarding patriotism toward this country then no, I don't think Hispanics are yet ready to hold the highest office in this land.

So what can we expect from our future Hispanic president Bill Richardson (race pandering whore)...
And now to the question at hand: Is 2008 the best or the worst of times for Richardson to run for president?

The answer depends on what happens next year, in Washington and around the country, with regard to one issue: immigration. A Democratic-controlled Congress might approve comprehensive reform that includes a path to legal residency for illegal immigrants.

Richardson has been pushing for just such an outcome, including lobbying members of Congress during a recent trip to Washington.
The number one issue for this alleged American is stocking this country with as many criminals from his country as possible. Of course Bill Richardson has no connection to these countries, he is, nominally at least an American by birth, yet his number one issue is amnesty for illegals?

Por que? Esta loco? And he (Bill Richardson:Governor of Chihuahua) presumes to be president over all Americans? Or just "his people?"

I would wager the latter.

Much like Muslims in this country, frankly, I need to feel comfortable that if a Hispanic individual were to gain the highest office in this land that they would have no problem putting this country and her people first. At the moment I have hesitations and doubts over that minor detail.

Not that I don't know plenty of patriotic Hispanics, but I also know plenty who's patriotism appears to wither away like tissue paper over a flame when it comes to immigration issues.

Believe it or not it kills me to post an article like this, why? whenever I do I think of these guys who are sweating in the Iraqi sandbox right now protecting our freedoms. Yet, I wouldn't retract a single line of this post, especially as I think he would ultimately agree with me, the killer though is that it seems that truly patriotic Americans of Hispanic heritage don't run for office, rather we get loser jackasses like Bill Richardson (Still unsure what country he serves) who seem to think that race baiting, race pandering whore antics are their personal road to the White House.

Oh, wait, you mean GWB took the same road? Never mind!

Seriously, I think this is the hard thing the American Hispanic community needs to hear right now. Trust has been broken down by your support of criminals, and just like in a family it takes time for that trust to be rebuilt. And if you can put this country first, always, it will be. I, like many Americans will be watching.

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