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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hopeful applicants look to find open jobs at Swift & Co.

Source: The Greeley Tribune
Josh Solis, 37, formerly of California, stood in line at the Employment Services of Weld County along with about 40 other people in search of jobs on Thursday.

Most of the people were waiting in line for an application from Swift & Co., very few were seeking employment elsewhere.

“Swift has been on site for over a month,” said Linda Perez, director of Employment Services of Weld County. “They’re a good company and they pay good.”

According to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, 261 people were arrested Tuesday at Swift & Co.’s meat processing plant raid in Greeley. The positions left open by the detainees brought many people seeking employment at the Swift & Co. processing plant.

Solis worked as a fork lift driver at Swift & Co. for two years ago before he moved to California. He hoped his experience would advance him to another interview.

A steady line of job seekers at times backed up to the entrance doors. There was a steady flow of vehicles coming and going from the parking lot.

Dora Lara, client data systems coordinator for the Employment Services of Weld County, said overall, about 200 - 230 applications were taken on Wednesday, with 157 applications just for Swift & Co.

George Infante, 36, of Greeley, said he filled out an application and sat in Swift’s immediate interview room. After the interview, he was told to go to the Swift plant and answer questions in another interview.

Infante, a union electrician by trade, had never worked at a meat processing plant. He applied for a job as a way to make ends meet.
"But who will do the work?"

H/T immigration watchdog who thinks the Swift meat packing raids were merely a cynical play for amnesty, we concur most heartily.

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