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Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Voice Too Oft Ignored

Source: desmoinesregister
Marshalltown, Ia. - The tension between Caucasian residents of Marshalltown and their Hispanic neighbors has been aggravated after a raid Tuesday showed what many people already suspected: Scores of people who entered the United States illegally were working here.

The raid has reignited simmering tensions over the effects immigrants have had on Marshalltown.

Michelle Klouda of Marshalltown said she gets upset when Hispanics who are here illegally get special access to services that she must pay full price for, such as health care.

She works at a mall in Marshalltown and has no health insurance, she said.

"What about me?" she asked. "They expect us to cater to their needs."

She said she has struggled to communicate with other residents who speak no English. She notices how some plaster Mexican symbols on their cars.

"If you come to America, fly a flag," she said.
What about her indeed? Is the animating principle of our country to take care of those who are not citizens? Is there a point to being a citizen? Or are we merely undifferentiated citizens of an undifferentiated land mass call North America?

Well, the invaders are more than willing to answer that question. This was found in the comments beneath this story...
This should be dealt with NOW. I am tired of listening to all the racists that blog on the internet. You have no idea what these people go through to even make the decision to leave their homes in Mexico. Do you really think that they like to say goodbye to everything and everyone they know? They are heros, supporting their families no matter what. American men should be that noble, unfortunately most are not. We need more people from Mexico, our country needs those types of values, and that they crossed illegally, or overstayed their visas, is not even worth a mention - those are tiny petty crimes and border crossing by Americans to Mexico or Canada and vise versa should always be allowed the way we have been able to enter their countries for years. Amnesty needs to happen, and it needs to happen now.
Heroes? Is this a Robin Hood situation? Is that what I'm missing here? Yeah, nice try, but America isn't the Sheriff of Nottingham and Mexicans aren't being unfairly taxed, quite the contrary, it appears to me that they are taxing America. As the rule of law continues to diminish and the cowardice of our elected officials increases we are seeing the invader class become a protected class with special benefits and privileges not available to citizens, and that is wrong.

And I particularly enjoy the "speed pass" to entry that this person feels their entitled to, again, nice try, illegal entry has in essence always been illegal irrespective of whether or not it was enforced.

They keep telling us that we have no choice but to accept them, that there's nothing we can do to make them leave and most of all, that it's their right to come here even if we object. If that's true, as I keep asking, and keep not hearing an answer to, can we consider ourselves a sovereign nation?

I say no, what say you?

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