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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Cost?

Source: Pensacolanewsjournal
Illegal alien absconds, the bill remains

On Sept. 11, I was sideswiped by a car running a red light in Pensacola. Realizing the driver was not pulling over to stop, I followed him for two miles until I caught up to them. They pulled over, and four obviously illegal alien Hispanics got out of the car and came up to me.

The driver repeatedly said, “I pay cash, $200, you fix.” I said no. The actual damage turned out to be $1,440. A wonderful lady, Dawn Smith, and her daughter, Sharlee, drove up. When I asked if I could use her cell phone to call the Florida Highway Patrol, she said she was behind me back at the scene, saw him fly through the red light and hit me, and would be a witness to the accident.

Thank you, ladies, so much.

The Highway Patrol came about 15 minutes later. The driver’s car had expired Mississippi tags, he had no license, no insurance and no identification, and, of course, “no habla ingles.”

The trooper cuffed the driver, put him in the cruiser, impounded the car, then let the others get their construction gear out of the trunk and go free. The trooper said the Highway Patrol and the Escambia Sheriff’s Office could not contact the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service unless they had a “bus full” of aliens.

Going through hell and high water, three weeks later I got the trooper’s report and the court date for this illegal driver to appear. I appeared and he, of course, didn’t show.

He forfeited his cash bond, and an arrest warrant was issued for his failure to appear, a felony. He’s gone, who knows where, and the odds of him coming to court are minuscule. He’ll change his name, as illegals will do, and assimilate into another place, or perhaps he is still living here under another alias. He’ll continue paying cash and go about his life.

So, where does this leave me, a born-American veteran and hard-working, 50-year taxpayer paying $1,000 per year for car insurance? A $200 deductible out of my pocket for my car repairs, that’s what. Plus a couple of weeks running around seeking information and a week without a car being repaired. My insurance will probably go up, because it cost my insurance company $1,240 to fix my car.

Meanwhile, this illegal Hispanic has five traffic citations and two felonies, he’s on the loose and probably will never be brought to justice.

So, I say to the federal government — that’s you, Congress — get your act together and stop our illegal alien problem. Shame on you all.

How many times a day do incidents or crimes similar to what happened to me also happen to other law-abiding Americans, costing us time and money?

Get the border under control, no matter the cost. That’s part of your duty, Congress, to protect our borders.

Document all foreigners coming into this country. Give them photo identification cards and fingerprint them. And, if some are caught without the card, DEPORT THEM!

Thomas Manion is a resident of Pensacola.
Your thoughts? Dave? Care to tell us about his high moral fiber?

H/T immigration watchdog

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