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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Found In Comments

Source: I'm A Gran Reconquista jackass

This was beneath a rather retarded post written by someone who appears to be "brown." Oh, and almost impenetrably stupid, let's not forget that rather salient detail, it's in context of the Swift plant raids...
I've practically had to shut off the news completely in the past few days because I'm so implacably angry about these vicious acts. The way the right-wing talk radio f***tards now laugh and gloat about it, it makes me absolutely hate the bastards who wag their fingers at Latinos, telling us how happy we ought to be here, how we ought to "assimilate" (aka "kiss the ass of the corporatist Anglo slumlords who rule the country and stay nice and quiet, not stand up for our rights")-- grrr, I hate these bastards so much! They say all this crap even as they happily exploit these hard-working "illegals" for as much labor as they can, and extract FICA and taxes from them.

Make no mistake-- there are elements here, who have declared war against us, just as they've been doing since Andrew Jackson, just as they've done since Polk and the Mexican War. Some things just don't change, eh? To survive, we have to be politically united-- the entire Latino populace in this country has to be mobilized and stick together, otherwise we won't survive here.

We need more voting drives, more pushes to involve Latinos politically and stick up for ourselves.

Never, never, never fall for the snake oil of "assimilation"-- the "assimilators" come to us with one hand outstretched in feigned benevolence toward us, the other clutching a knife behind their backs, ready to plunge it into us. Assimilation is nothing more than a code word for losing our solidarity and culture, losing our capacity to stand up for ourselves and demand our rights, and blithely submitting to domination by the rapacious Anglo culture and corporate machine that rules this country, like sheep. We have to make sure that our kids understand and stay close to our heritage, that we speak and write Spanish and continue to make it central in the household and in public use and schools, that we reach out to and help Latinos wherever they are, that we always recognize and celebrate our fundamental role in Aztlan and in Florida as the founders of these places-- that we stick together.

The conservative talk radio stations in the US have become so loathsome with their invective, I practically have to red-flag my radio dial to avoid their stations.

There are very few Republicans I'd vote for anymore-- Guiliani, Romney, Mccain who've stood up to the Tom Tancredos and the Minutemen in the GOP, would make the list and I would definitely vote for them. (There are certainly some Democrats I wouldn't vote for, Hillary Clinton being one of them-- that two-faced fool has betrayed Latinos in just about every one of her recent moves in the Senate. She can't be trusted.)

But other than these brave few, the Republicans have shown themselves to be little more than a country club of unreformed bigots who can't stand the idea of brown people south of the border actually coming back in to inhabit lands that were brutally ripped from them by Anglo-Saxon racists-- for the specific goal of spreading slavery to the Southwest. With few exceptions, the Republicans have shown themselves to be a toxic mix of racism and power-playing, supported by the right-wing nuts on the radio dial. Other than the courageous few like Giuliani and the others I mentioned, the Republicans in general are useless and dangerous, and richly deserving of another drubbing.
Okay, first, boo-fricken-hoo you big cry baby. Come illegal get your ass shipped out forthwith, I don't give a good goddamn if your brown or white or covered in delicious crunchy sprinkles. If you really think this is because you're "brown" you've certainly demonstrated that you are far too stupid to be in this country.

Also, please keep up the reconquista talk, no really, it helps your cause you drooling retard. In fact, if you would, please get together several hundred thousand of your "Marxican" brothers and sisters and why don't you march through the streets holding gigantic Mexican flags and demanding amnesty, I guarantee amnesty will come down the pike in about forty seconds flat, no really, trust me.

Oh, and thank you for making my point that an unfortunate number of "Hispanics" fear assimilation, fear leaving behind the disfunctional, socialist, corrupt, backwards cultures that have been mired in "success" the world over. Thank you for speaking the truth, for that is how real change begins, though I'll wager that the change that will come as a result of the truths you're speaking may not be particularly palatable to you.

You guys should seriously consider taking this offline, with every keystroke you and your IQ deficient cohort type you make my dream of mass deportations on Christmas eve an eventuality instead of a fond hope.

Oh, this was the only thing worth reprinting from the piece itself, hysteria and general goofiness bolded for your reading pleasure...
The raids have begun. Right before Christmas. Without any care being shown for the families affected. And beyond that, open season has been declared on Latinos in general.
Uh, sure squeaky, let's look at this critically, shall we? You support massive uncontrolled illegal immigration, specifically from Mexico, then, as the government is performing kabuki raids in the dumbest possible fashion to prove we need amnesty so we can import even more mouth breathing retards like yourself, as if we didn't have enough already, you suggest that it's "open season on Latinos?"

How do you make that inductive leap my lumpy headed frien'? Since the government is doing the least possible amount they can statistically, that's a war on Latino's? K? So can you describe for me the "culturally sensitive" method we can utilize to throw your sorry ass out of the country, cuz if that'll stop your incessant whining it just might be worth looking into!

Oh, nothing will stop the whining? Well hell then, line up the buses Petie and move'em out!

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