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Sunday, December 24, 2006

This Tickled Me!

Source: Chris @ Myspace

Chris has taken this opportunity to lambast Representative Virgil Goode for his recent letter questioning the wisdom of allowing Keith Ellison to swear his oath of office on a Koran...
It is nice of Mr. Goode to use Representative Ellison's swearing-in ceremony as an opportunity to showcase his closed-minded views on immigration. I haven't been this offended by anyone's remarks since somebody once asked me if I worked at the Gap.
At The Gap, good one! So, of course Chris feels he has a firm grasp on the nature and reality of Islam and it's adherents, right?
I'll be the first to admit that I do not have a huge breadth of knowledge about Islam. I learned a little about it in high school and college and I am a fan of Cat Stevens, but that's about as far as it goes.
Oh, okay, well certainly he has a firm grasp on the true nature of this countries founding, right?
While Representative Goode is apparently trying to protect America's Christian values, he forgets that this country was founded on a diversity of cultures. Granted, the United States has become even more diverse in recent decades as it has grown in wealth and opportunity, but multicultural ideals remain nevertheless. It is the multicultural nature of the United States which makes it such a unique country and one that embraces myriad beliefs.
Uh, sure Chris, because what your talking about embracing is fairly representative of Nazism, hence the election of "Hitler" in Palestine. Are we "embracing" that as well these days in your "multi-cultural" wonderland?

He ends with this rousing polemic...
The diverse perspective that Mr. Ellison will bring to the 110th Congress with his Muslim faith should be a refreshing change for a country that has never had a Muslim in government before. By adhering to his faith in the face of suspicion, Mr. Ellison is exhibiting the kind of strength of character this country desperately needs right now. Maybe he can teach us something about sensitivity and understanding toward the Muslim world. There is no better time than now.
"Sensitivity and understanding toward the Muslim world?"

You know what? Some things I don't care to understand.

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