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Saturday, December 02, 2006

On Why I Don't Respect John Podheretz

Source: NRO

He's commenting here on the nonsensical flap over Gov. Mitt Romney allegedly hiring illegals...
I expect calls for a firing squad. Maybe the Minutemen could raid Romney's house.
I don't know how to break it to ole' "Open Borders" Podheretz that due to his and other retarded conservatives boosterism for open borders it can be difficult, especially in certain illegal infested parts of the country, to hire legal workers.

To wit, when we moved we took every precaution and step we could devise to hire only legal workers and we are 70% certain we still got at least two illegals on the four man crew.

So thanks Jackass John, patriotic Americans deeply appreciate your foolish sarcasm, no really!

And please, keep making fun of the Minutemen, if there was anything that would convince me they were the good guys? It would be you, one who loathes traditional America scorning them, it's better than an endorsement from Tom Tancredo to me.

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