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Monday, November 20, 2006

Minuteman Attacked By Day Laborers!


These are the guys, photo via immigration watchdog

Source: San Diego Minutemen Press Release (as the MSM won't cover these stories)
SAN DIEGO, CA. Photographer John Monti, was violently attacked and robbed on Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 11am on Rancho Penasquitos Blvd. under the Route 56 overpass where dozens of day laborers gather each morning to illegally solicit work. He had been taking pictures of the day laborers to show how employers illegally employing them perpetuate a large camp of illegal squatters between Rancho Penasquitos Blvd and Black Mountain Rd. on Route 56.

A witness said 8 men jumped Monti from behind, knocked him to the ground, stole his camera and cell phone, and attempted to get away. Monti chased down the migrants who took his gear and a fight ensued. Monti was able to recover his camera and phone. Police responded and are now looking for 8 suspects for assault, battery, and robbery. SDPD's Northern Division is investigating this attack as a hate crime and can provide more details of the attack. Two local news crews also stopped by soon after to interview a bloodied Mr. Monti.
News of attacks against Minutemen are becoming a sad norm...

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Not to mention the complete media blackout of said events. I ran a GoogleNews and a Yahoonews search on "John Monti" and came up with nothing. Because of course a Minuteman being beaten and robbed by illegal alien invaders isn't a story.

Luckily Mr. Monti wasn't seriously injured as you can see from the photo, how long until an American is seriously injured or killed in these increasingly common confrontations?

This IS continuing to ramp up on a very shallow slope and the fact that our media will not report on these stories means that when real violence breaks out people will be mystified as to where it came from and see it as an aberration, as opposed to what is actually occurring, a slow gradual increase of violence against those considered societally unacceptable, namely, the Minutemen.

Even if you loathe the Minutemen you need to understand that free speech is an important bedrock of democracy and when the media refuses to inform you of an important aspect of the debate, how can democracy be served in that situation?

Also, I am unaware of the police having made a single arrest in a physical attack against the Minutemen, that seems a little odd, no?

This situation is dangerously unstable and is only made more so by the medias willful blackout.

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