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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back Away Slowly

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K, here's how things work in Washington. Some bills get passed for nakedly political reasons, for example the 'Secure Fence Initiative' bill that would have provided 700 miles of fencing on our Southern border.

We all know that an awful lot of politicians do not want a fence on the border, but they had to pass the bill to appease the American public who care so little about this issue that our elites cannot get the amnesty bill they lust after passed. That was what we like to call "sarcasm" around these here parts.

So, the bill was passed but they don't want to build a fence, what's a poor beltway pimp to do? Well,you might suggest that it would cost too much money to build, kind of like in this article here....
$2B cost estimate for border fence may be unrealistic

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration's proposal to secure the nation's borders with a high-technology "virtual fence" will likely cost far more than the $2 billion initially estimated by industry analysts, possibly up to $30 billion, a government watchdog agency is warning.
Inside the beltway this is referred to as a "trial balloon." This is how they test the waters on ideas where their unsure of the publics reaction. Expect to see this and other ideas trotted out until they find that winning idea that they think will allow them to ignore the will of the people, again.

Pardon my cynicism but I never thought our duly elected representative government had an iota of interest in building the fence. So I stand by that prediction, they want cameras on the border that don't work, they want pork projects so long as it doesn't interfere with the easy crossing of our border by illegal aliens.

Washington isn't our savior, it never is.

But what's this?

A fence? On the border? How amazing!

To learn who is actually building a fence on the border and how you can

Let's stop looking to Washington to do what we are empowered to do, rather, let's live up to the enormous responsibility the founders of this great nation entrusted to us.

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