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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why Sanctuary Cities Suck

OK, OK...there are lots of reasons. But this one is a biggie.

Source: News-Leader

Efforts to combat illegal immigration in the Branson area have resulted in the discovery of a man wanted on a murder charge in South Carolina and federal charges against four Russians and a Polish woman involved with a Branson business that provided workers to area hotels.

Immigration agents in Springfield on Wednesday found that Isaias Diaz-Gutierrez, 26, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is wanted in York County, S.C., on charges murder, armed robbery, and three counts of forgery. The discovery was made after agents ran the man's fingerprints through a database.
Diaz-Gutierrez was evidently using a different name when Branson police arrested him. He pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and was sentenced to three days in jail.

But the Branson police, using their God-given reasoning skills, suspected he might be an illegal alien. Not being hampered by a ridiculous sanctuary policy, they called ICE and, lo and behold...

ICE took custody of Diaz-Gutierrez on Wednesday. After the fingerprint check, a separate criminal database revealed that Diaz-Gutierrez is charged with beating an 81-year-old man using a concrete block in late December 2002. The man died the next month.

Diaz-Gutierrez admitted his true identity after the positive fingerprint ID and was turned over to the Greene County Sheriff's Department on Thursday to await extradition to South Carolina.
You see, in my hometown of Chicago, this (alleged) piece of shit would still be walking the streets looking for his next (alleged) defenseless 81-year-old victim to bludgeon. Who knows, maybe I'd look defenseless enough to this (alleged) piece of shit illegal alien the next time I'm walking home from the bus stop in the dark. You see, in my "sanctuary city" the cops aren't allowed to cooperate or communicate with other authorities regarding immigration issues.

The immigration office's press release says it all:

"A great deal of effective law enforcement has to do with cooperating with other law enforcement agencies," the release said, quoting Pete Baird, assistant special agent in charge of the ICE Office of Investigations in Kansas City. "Thanks to Branson PD, its officers followed their instincts and contacted ICE to handle a potential immigration issue. Now a violent murder suspect is in custody awaiting extradition."
Now, which makes more sense to you? The violent murder suspect being hauled off to face his charges, or walking the streets looking for his next victim? Alas, Chicago and [insert shitty sanctuary city of your choice here] choose the latter.

Some way to look out for the welfare of your citizen and legal residents, huh?

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