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Friday, November 17, 2006

Governor Bill Richardson Still Unsure What Country He's Citizen Of?

Source: kobtv
SANTA FE (AP) - Governor Bill Richardson is lending his support to a Chicago mother who is trying to avoid deportation to Mexico.

The woman’s seven-year-old son is a US citizen. He’s become an immigration activist. This week the boy succeeded in lobbying Mexico’s Congress to approve a resolution urging the US Congress to suspend the deportation of Elvira Arellano and other illegal immigrant parents of US citizens.

Richardson sent a letter this week to President Bush urging him to consider a parole for the mother so she and her son, Saul, can remain in the United States.

The governor said in his letter that the case of the Arellano family illustrates the problems of the federal government not acting on a comprehensive immigration plan.

The governor told the president that permitting the family to remain in the United States, will allow the boy to “continue to be raised as the great American he has already proven to be.”
Governor Bill Richardson (your future president!) has decided to jump into this debate with both feet. In this stirring letter Governor Richardson (have I mentioned he's Hispanic?) seems unclear on what country he owes his allegiance too, suggesting that the foursquare support of criminal activity proves one to be, and I quote, "A great American."

Perhaps before Wild Bill makes his waddle for the presidency he can finally figure out what country he's a citizen of? We'd appreciate that Bill, thanks!

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