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Sunday, November 19, 2006

And A Brand New Car!

Source: Journal News via Digger

Open border/pro-illegal alien boosters would like to allow illegal aliens easier access to our public libraries...
Public libraries in Rockland have been asked to consider changing the rules for getting a library card, because immigration activists say the rule has proven to be onerous for undocumented immigrants.

The Rockland Immigration Coalition complains that requiring a photo ID to get a library card stops undocumented immigrants from obtaining library cards. That means they can't check out material, or avail themselves of other services the library provides with a card.
Hmmm, who are the libraries services for? Are they for those who are here illegally? Or, and I know this is just crazy talk, are they for citizens and those here legally?

Of course pointy headed librarians feel that terrorists need library love too...
When I was a child, you’d walk into the branch library with your class, print your name (or the teacher or librarian would do it for you), and get your card.

... the photo ID requirement smacks too much for my taste of those old World War II movies set in Nazi Europe being shown on TCM, where everyone has to carry around identity cards and produce them on demand. Or of movies like Gattaca, a 1997 flick with Ethan Hawke and Jude Law in which people are tracked by their DNA. In a less harrowing but nonetheless restrictive example, it is common in Latin America to require photo IDs for government services, including libraries.

I can still walk into a library in New York City without a library card, sign up for one on the spot just by showing a document with my name and address (and they don’t have to be on the same paper), and walk out with books or other media. To sign up online and receive my card by mail, all I have to do is respond affirmatively to the statements, “Do you live, work, attend school, or own property in New York State?” and “I agree to be responsible for all the materials borrowed against my New York Public Library card,” and fill in my name and mailing address.
Gosh, what, in American life might have changed since this dried up old stick got her NYC library card in 1907? What might have broken down the public trust in this way?

Well, I can't think of an answer, if you do just drop it in comments.

Digger has more.

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