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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State Of The Union

Source: FAIR
State of Our Illegal Immigration Union

"When President Bush delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, he is certain to propose, yet again, an immigration reform package that provides amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens, millions of new guest workers for business interests, and another set of worthless promises to the American public to enforce immigration laws in the future. With the change in congressional leadership, President Bush is hopeful that 2007 will be the year he finally succeeds in passing a guest worker amnesty plan that has been consistently rejected by the American public and the majority of his own party," says FAIR in its latest press release.
Ah, the SOTU has rolled around once again. I can't help feeling a bit 'meh,' as they say.

Katie's Dad has some good

Polipundit sez: "No matter how badly he gets crushed in the elections, Jorge Arbusto is determined to sell us out to Mexico, at the behest of his big-money paymasters."

Any interest in our liveblogging it? Again, feeling a bit 'meh' on the whole enterprise. Gosh, let me put on my prognosticator cap and imagine what might possibly be said..."We need to enforce our borders and the way you do that is by inviting every person on the planet to move here and suck off the government tit. Thus making this a freer and stupider nation."


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