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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chase Down Drug Smugglers?

Last night President Bush stated, and I quote:

"We should establish a legal and orderly path for foreign workers to enter our country to work on a temporary basis. As a result, they won't have to try to sneak in, and that will leave Border Agents free to chase down drug smugglers and criminals and terrorists."
Whoever slipped the phrase "chase down drug smugglers" into this address deserves the Ironic Bullshit of the Year award. Chase down drug smugglers? Like Ramos and Compean? You know -- the Border Patrol agents who are now serving over a decade in federal prison for doing just that?

I'm not surprised that the president was able to use the phrase easily. Chuck Green over at The Pueblo Chieftain gets it. Either the president had no clue as to the bitter irony of his uttering that phrase last night, or he felt comfortable enough in the belief that we would have no clue.

As a reasonably intelligent, politically active citizen, I don't know which would piss me off more.

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