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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Immigration Counters And A Little Manifesto Action

I haven't linked this in a while so I thought I would and use it as a springboard to talk about some things that need talking about.

Immigration Counters is a site that tracks the real time (or so they say) costs of illegal immigration in America. Now I have no idea what methodology they use, if any to come up with these figures but they are breathtaking, no?

It's been a while since we've talked about the basics around here and I know new people read this blog who may or may not know this stuff. How do I know new people read this blog? It's my super-geniusesness, yeah, that's the ticket. (actually my stat counter tells me, so there!)

Anywho, what are the basics of illegal immigration?

1.) Is it racist to be against illegal immigration?

No, but that doesn't mean that no racists are involved with this issue. The question you have to ask yourself is what are you concerned about with illegal immigration?

I'll walk you through my thought process and we'll see if it makes sense to you. I am worried that we are allowing too many people into the country in too short a period of time, thus possibly changing the essential nature of this country. Is that essential nature a white one? It has been in the past but if I may be perfectly honest? Look, I'm a big city guy, I know people from just about every part of the world who live in my fair city. Some are great Americans, some aren't. The issues to me aren't as much racial as cultural and assimilation related.

Am I concerned that Mexicans are crossing the border? No. I am concerned that the Mexicans who are crossing the border appear to have a retarded love affair with Socialism and want to import their corrupt culture to this side of the border. Which as we'll talk about in the next bit comes down to numbers.

And just to state some obvious things that have nothing whatsoever to do with race. We know Hezbolllah has crossed our southern border. We know drug cartels are in charge of our southern border and we know that our Border Patrol is outgunned and outmanned.

2.) Are you against legal immigration?

Of course not! But having said that let me clarify that statement. I support legal immigration into America provided it meets certain criteria. The first is that the immigration be a boon to this country, no one has a "right" to come here. Secondly, we decide who comes, ethnic grievance groups like La Raza (THE RACE!) can bite me when they suggest that there should in essence be no controls on our immigration systems, or that it's "racist" to want to know who's barging into our shared home. But most importantly, it's about the numbers. In my opinion the optimal number of people we should allow into this country in any given year should be between 200,000 and 300,000. We have done this in the past and it's a range that seems to work well for this country.

You may disagree, you may think that number should be higher or lower, that's fine and I would like to see that debate held honestly, though I'm not holding my breath.

Many anti-illegal immigration folk when asked about their opinions often respond in a knee jerk fashion that they support legal immigration and that's fine. But when asked more detailed questions often they've never actually considered any of the actual policy issues I've raised here.

What is the optimal number of immigrants? Should we give any preferences to skills or cultures? (I mention cultures because some assimilate more easily than others) Should immigration policy be driven by family reunification as it is currently? Hence in essence the immigrants drive our immigration policy. What are the maximum number of people that can be assimilated at any given time? Is there a numerical limit to that process?

3.) But America is a nation of immigrants?

True, false and go fish. Katie's Dad would tell you that America is a nation of colonists that allowed immigration and that is without a doubt historically and factually true. But it's hard to overcome the indoctrination of our schooling. So let's pretend America is a nation of immigrants, okay?

So what? As a slogan it sounds nice but what does it really mean? I'm sure the people who can't fit into a lifeboat feel it's unfair as hell that they can't come aboard, but they can't or everyone dies.

The simple fact that something has been true doesn't mean it must continue into all eternity. I used to be a teenager, does that mean I'll remain a teenager for the remainder of my life? Of course not and to suggest that since we took X number of immigrants in 1906 we should do the same today?

You do see that's retarded, right? Is it 1906 now? Are we the same country as we were in 1906? Of course not. And as your needs change as you grow from a teenager into an adult perhaps a countries needs change in a comparable way.

4.) But we can't deport 12 million people?

Why not? Seriously, this argument has always puzzled me. Of course we can and if you take one minute to think about it you'll know we should.

When a bad neighborhood is cleaned up of crime does it raise or lower the pride people feel in their neighborhood? In my fair city the Mayor has water blaster trucks that go around all day to remove graffiti. Does he do this because it lowers peoples pride in their neighborhoods? Of course not. Yet in the very same city we have sanctuary laws that keep the police from even asking criminals about their immigration status, how is that different?

Our president wants to solve the problem of illegal immigration by making illegal magically legal. The sad part is this is one of the singularly most corrosive things you can do to a country's morale. When people see criminals getting away with crimes it never ever leads to a more lawful society.

5.) I'd like to do something but the Minutemen are scary racists?

So? Not that I'm saying it's true, overall its not, but I'm not saying you'll never meet a racist in the anti-illegal movement. But what in life is perfect? Is your church perfect? How about your neighborhood? If you are involved with an imperfect organization I guess step one just might be to work on the organization itself so that it can be as effective as possible.

One of the things that really hampers the anti-illegal immigration movement is an expectation of perfection and a lack of trust. There are anti-illegal immigration groups from here to breakfast and none of them seem to much like each other. Instead of joining together and becoming stronger the tendency seems to be to splinter apart and grow weaker which is remarkably foolish especially as those on the other side are quite good at this joining together stuff.

The one honest to god racist I've met in the Minutemen? I told him off twice and finally asked him to never come again. Haven't seen him since. If I can do it, so can you.

6.) But people will call me a racist?

Yes, they will, and worse yet. If you were to speak out in public against illegal immigration people you don't know from Adam will call you names on the street. You could be attacked or harassed.

Know what? Nobody ever said it would be easy to be an American or stand up for your country. Think of it this way, if our brave men and women can put their ass on the line for you day in and day out in Iraq, what will you do to honor their service?

I can think of no better thing you could give them then a safe, healthy and secure country.

Let me know if there are any obvious questions you think I missed. Or if you agree or disagree with my points. I'll try to do something like this every so often, I think these are important things that need to be talked about, and I know people new to this often have these questions.

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