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Friday, January 26, 2007

A Tear?

Source: telluride gateway

Here's a particularly egregious example of pro-illegal sympathy and spin...
CO: Illegal immigrants lose state housing

Margarita sighs and glances around the home she'll soon be leaving. There's the tiny Christmas tree, still perched by the window. Over there are the toys her kids should have put away before going to bed. On the kitchen counter, bamboo shoots and dishes wait to be washed. She doesn't want to move away from this jumbled place, but she knows she has to. Because this is now the law: Anyone like Margarita who lives in state-funded housing must show identification to their landlord and sign a paper that says they've come legally to the country. Like scores of immigrants in Telluride and across Colorado, Margarita crossed illegally and has no papers. So when her lease at the Village Court Apartments expires next month, she and her family are out. "We're moving to Norwood," Margarita said in Spanish. "It's going to be a drastic change, but we don't have any other alternative. I don't have the slightest hope of staying."
You know, every time I'm confronted by a pro open borders loon they insist, spit flying out of their mouths, that illegal immigrants never use public benefits. Yet, every time public benefits for illegals are cut we get stories like this.

Which is it guys?

H/T immigration news daily

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