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Friday, January 26, 2007

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You'll be shocked to learn that the American Immigration Lawyers Association has released a giddy press release gushing with pleasure over President Bush's continued psychotic push for amnesty. It read in part...
Washington, DC (Vocus) January 25, 2007 -- The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is encouraged by President George W. Bush's pledge to push for an immigration overhaul in his State of the Union address to Congress last night. "The fact that comprehensive immigration reform remains one of his top domestic policy priorities for this Congress is a welcome signal," said AILA president Carlina Tapia-Ruano.

"Reforming our immigration system is not and should not be a partisan issue. It is a national issue of great importance and urgency. The push for a realistic policy solution has brought together advocates and constituencies that stretch across the ideological spectrum. We believe that bi-partisan consensus on an immigration policy that serves this country's economic interests, its commitment to family unity, its national security mandates, and its traditions of fair treatment for all people, is within our grasp," said Tapia-Ruano.

Americans have been thirsting for the federal government to take strong, decisive action on this critical issue. But Americans also want a meaningful, lasting solution and the only way to achieve that is through a comprehensive approach that addresses the many interlocking components to reform. "We applaud President Bush for signaling once again his support for a realistic, comprehensive approach to fixing our failing immigration system. He argued for creating legal channels for essential workers, for establishing a path to earned legal status for the current undocumented, and for implementing a workable enforcement regime," said Tapia-Ruano.
It is absolutely vital whenever you read a document such as this to ask yourself one question.

Cui Bono? Who profits? Will the AILA profit from this legislation? Why yes, I believe they will, and at that point you are welcome to scorn and ignore them as you will.

As to the translation service, here ya go...

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