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Friday, January 26, 2007

Funniest Headline Of The Day

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Or saddest it's a tough call. And quite possibly why people like me (conservatives who supported, past tense, the war effort) feel this war is a farce...
Bush: U.S. troops may protect selves from Iranians
The foolishness continues...
"It makes sense that if somebody is trying to harm our troops or stop us from achieving our goals or killing innocent citizens in Iraq, that we will stop them," Bush said. "It's an obligation we all have to protect our folks and achieve our goals."
This needs to be said? I mean seriously, if we were an actual nation, which we're not, can anybody imagine this statement coming out of Ike's mouth. I think it would simply be assumed that if you were dumb enough to want to take our guys on you would get to find out how it feels to be fertilizer.

This is why people like me, dare I say, sane people, feel this president needs to go. Even if this retarded statement needed to be said out loud, which it shouldn't have, shouldn't it have been said out loud a couple of years ago? Have we just learned that Iran is mucking about in Iraq? Is this breaking news?

If we were an actual honest to goodness sovereign nation, which we're not, this would be an impeachable offense. I'm just dying to see folks attempt to spin this in the President's favor.
H/T LGF who sez : I seem to vaguely remember a time when America had confidence. And guts. And soldiers fighting a war didn’t need to be given “permission” to defend themselves from enemies trying to kill them.

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