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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Such Nice Talk

Commenter 'Gringo In Mexico' dropped this in the low class hopper beneath this post...
I hope you get your wish and all Mexicans return to their country. I would like nothing better than to see your sick empire collapse for lack of slaves.

Gringo in Mexico | Homepage | 01.27.07 - 9:27 pm | #
First rule of "Blogclub?"

If you're pissing people off, you're doing it right!

Amusingly enough the link goes to an 'Expat' site for folks who've fled America for the delights of Mexico, the Yucatan to be precise.

The way the site is set up is a little confusing so I'm not sure who this individual actually is, though considering the wording of the comment I feel comfortable assuming they have some issues with their homeland.

The irony of an someone who left presuming to 'splain to us poor peons how things be tickles me more than a little bit. K supergenius, yes, I and all the readers on this blog have begged people in Mexico to come here and be our 'slaves.'

Sure, how about the same rot that causes that slavery, the same sickness that you didn't have the nuts to stay and fight against might possibly be the cause, that ever occur in that little peabrain? Did you run away like a little girl cuz Kerry lost? Were you one of the weeping, whining Liberals who actually kept their word and improved this country by simply exiting it?

Here is my response to our budding MENSA candidate...
Why thank you, and I assure you if all Mexicans returned home, it is your "empire" my friend that would be in trouble!

Jake Jacobsen | Homepage | 01.28.07 - 12:12 am | #
Do you really presume to think that you'll survive the upheaval that this very minute is heading your way in Mexico? Do you think you'll get special treatment because you are so sensitive? So Liberal? Heh, okay spanky, do me a favor, when the excrement impacts the electrical air moving device why don't you drop me a line then and 'splain to us poor rubes how wonderful things are in ole' Mexico.

Until then I remain...

Laughing my ass off in a first world country!

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