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Thursday, January 04, 2007

When Smoking Crack...

Opining may not be the best thing to do...

Source: mysanantonio
But left in the final package was the most controversial element of the House's immigration package, the Secure Fence Act. It authorizes the construction of 850 miles of a dual-layered barrier along five stretches of the border.

Walls, fences and vehicle barriers are nothing new along the border. In fact, there have been fences along much of the border since the 1920s.

And in 1990, the U.S. Border Patrol started building a 14-mile wall in the San Diego area, then a hot spot for illegal crossings. Congress authorized construction of a "secondary layer of fencing" to bolster that wall in 1996.

This 14-mile dual-layer border barrier — which isn't finished — would be the model for the 850-mile extension, proponents said.

They should have looked at their model more closely, and checked its effectiveness and costs. And they should have considered a border wall's diplomatic impact.

A little-noticed Congressional Research Service report issued Dec. 12 indicates that expanding the California wall makes little sense. After the San Diego wall went up, apprehensions in the area were reduced, the CRS reports. But "there is ample evidence that flow of illegal immigration ... shifted to more remote areas of the Arizona desert."
OK, I'm done laughing now. Whew, that was a knee slapper!

So, it worked really, really well so we better not do it? Is that really the argument of our good friend Carlos Guerra the author of this hot stinking pile of...journalism? I don't think this even rises to the level of opinion. I believe the rule is "ride the short bus no opinion journalism for you!"

Keep trying guys, someday the IQ fairy will visit and make it all better, really.

As to "diplomatic impact." If that means we can finally have a shooting war with Mexico, sign me up twice. A note to American businesses dumb enough to invest in Marxico, may be time to think about pulling up stakes.

Heh, the arguments just keep getting dumber and dumber, which is why amnesty will have to pass this year, can you imagine next years arguments?

The mind boggles!

I'm sending Carlos "Pickles" Guerra an email, let's see if he responds. Here's his addy if you'd like to dogpile on just for

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