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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Deportation-from-jail policy riles some advocates

Source: newsday
Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy plans to announce Wednesday that he has reached an agreement to place federal immigration agents at the Suffolk County jail to ensure inmates who are in the country illegally are deported. Immigrant advocates immediately attacked the plan as redundant, saying sufficient enforcement efforts already are in place. Levy spokesman Ed Dumas said he could not immediately comment on the plan. Levy has made targeting undocumented immigrants one of the pillars of his administration. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are routinely stationed at jails to screen for undocumented immigrants, so assigning agents to the Suffolk jail would not be unusual. A spokesman for Nassau County said the county has had ICE agents stationed at the Nassau County jail "for years."
Other things that rile the "immigrant activists?"

Denying crispy delicious "immigrants" their constitutionally protected sugary pony.

Dancing with the devil beneath the 'pale moonlight.'

Any attempt at enforcing the law.

H/T immigration news daily

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