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Monday, February 26, 2007

Expect To See More Of This

Source: The Ledger
American Party Focuses On Illegal Immigrants

The newly-formed American Party of Florida has taken up its first fight: illegal immigrants and what it says is the lack of enforcement of laws governing immigrants. In a press release Thursday, former Avon Park mayor and now founder and state chairman of the new party, Tom Macklin, took issue with the release of five undocumented workers found in the back of a Freightliner box truck following a traffic stop in Highlands County, Feb. 19. "I am disappointed, perplexed, enraged and disgusted all at the same time," Macklin said in an e-mailed release. "They supposedly were released because they hadn't committed a crime. But in a post-Sept. 11 environment, undocumented individuals need to be detained, fingerprinted, and if possible, have their identities verified."
I have always contended that illegal immigration coupled with out of control mass immigration had the power as an issue to fundamentally realign American politics and political parties as we know them. More than anything I expect us to move in a more parliamentary direction a we splinter into more and more specialized parties.

This is what happens when the will of the majority is frustrated.

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