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Monday, February 19, 2007

Guard The Borders Blogburst

By Heidi Thiess of Euphoric Reality


That's who.

Yes, you read that right. The latest information has uncovered the undue political pressure that Mexico put on our government, and how the White House easily caved. They didn't even ask questions it seems. Here's what happened:

After Aldrete-Davila was shot, he complained to someone who brought the "crime" to light (not his mommy, as Sutton has previously told us). That person contacted the Mexican government, which is currently in overdrive trying to portray a situation wherein the poor downtrodden people of Mexico are being brutally shot by cruel, evil Americans at the border - when all they want is a better life for their families. Wah. The Mexican government, seeing a golden opportunity to bring some pressure to bear upon the big, mean U.S. Border Patrol, immediately mobilized their diplomats to exert pressure on the American Consulate in Mexico City. The Consulate, in turn, contacted the State Department, who then informed the President. With me so far?

Bush then called in the Department of Justice and his old Texas buddy, the Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. Alberto Gonzales called in his hired gun, Johnny Sutton, who then crafted a prosecution virtually from thin air. Sutton's agenda was furthered immeasurably by Assistant U.S. Attorney Debra Kanof, who has previously shown no compunction about fabricating fraudulent cases, lying and suborning testimony in her cases, and manipulating the media. Kanof has played an integral part in undermining the integrity and fairness of the criminal proceedings in multiple cases, the most prominent being the Border Patrol case. And she has done so with impunity, under the direction of Johnny Sutton.

We were lied to (surprise, surprise) when we were told that the only reason this case came to light is because DHS uncovered evidence that Ramos and Compean tried to "cover up" their "crime". That, as we now know, is a lie. What really happened is that the White House is kowtowing to political pressure from Mexico, no doubt aided by Bush's own personal agenda to erase the border. This rotten, trumped-up case against Ramos and Compean goes all the way to highest levels of our American government. Donald Collins ventures to say that this case has all the potential of Watergateto bring down this Administration. I agree.

Why would there be pressure from Mexico to prosecute two distinguished Border Patrol agents long after they had tried to apprehend a fleeing drug dealer—whom they shot and wounded but who escaped, leaving his drug swag behind?

This story is just breaking and will doubtless be subject to amplification. But—

“In an interview with's Steve Elliott (see audio above, transcript below), Corsi explained that no action was taken for days following the incident at the border. In fact the agents' actions were considered ‘normal’ and the reporting ‘acceptable’ until Mexico intervened. Says Corsi, ‘Then on March 4, 2005 the request came through from the Mexican Consulate to the U.S. consulate in Mexico demanding an investigation on the basis that the Mexican Consulate was bringing forth Davila and wanted the agents to be punished.’ [ Mexican Government Involved In Initiation Of Prosecution Of Agents Ramos And Compean]

Could this be another example of the Committee to Re-Elect the President? Remember how then Attorney General John Mitchell used the money raised by this committee as hush money for the burglars? The famous duo of Woodward and Bernstein then “followed the money” to bring down a Presidency!

What Corsi is saying suggests the same thing. Follow the money–the big money which big business has paid to keep our borders open--because the apparent motivation for this outrageous prosecution of these two Border Patrol agents is to intimidate all our Border Patrol agents from apprehending these illegal crossers. Obviously, Bush wants an open border, as does Mexico. [See Mexico demanded U.S. prosecute sheriff, agents| Documents show role of consulate in cases of Gilmer Hernandez and Ramos-Compean,, By Jerome R. Corsi, February 13, 2007]

Meanwhile, the mysteriously unavailable transcripts are starting to come out. The official transcripts are here, and LoneWacko has wisely cached them, in case they mysteriously go "missing". Lou Dobbs' staff, of CNN, has begun the arduous task of sifting through 3000 pages of documents, and it's becoming very clear why the prosecution, together with a complicit court-room judge, have worked so long and hard to suppress these transcripts:

The nearly 3,000 pages of transcripts in the Ramos and Compean case show that even before the trial started, several key rulings went against the Border Patrol agents. For example, defense attorneys wanted to be able to talk about how dangerous the border region is where the agents encountered the illegal alien drug smuggler. It’s an area, of course, with a well-documented history of violent confrontations between drug cartels and law enforcement.

But prosecutors objected to that. And the judge agreed. She ordered defense attorneys to refrain from any mention of what she called the alleged dangerousness of the border between the United States and Mexico.

Another passage shows just how eager prosecutors were to grant immunity to Mexican drug smuggler Oscar Aldrete-Davila and throw the book at the Border Patrol agents. Assistant U.S. attorney Debra Kanof said to the judge, “… we basically had to beg him. He didn’t want to come and talk to us about this. And so we basically gave him blanket immunity for any drug or immigration crime that he might have been committing on that day.”

Agent Compean’s defense attorney pointed out how the government could have sought up to 40 years in prison for the drug smuggler. And an attorney for Agent Ramos said the drug smuggler “could be prosecuted for possession of some 700 pounds of marijuana, for smuggling it into the country, for illegally entering the United States. All of these actions are actions which the government apparently has chosen to forgive in order to obtain his testimony against these defendants, the agents.”

In fact, prosecutors sought to prevent defense attorneys from even disclosing that Aldrete-Davila was transporting 750 pounds of marijuana when he encountered the Border Patrol agents. The judge did allow those facts into evidence, but only on a limited basis.

Also, if case this case doesn't make you sick enough, go read about one of Johnny Sutton's other victims.

I asked the other day, who was paying Johnny Sutton to set-up our law enforcement officers in total crap cases? I thought maybe the drug cartels were paying him off, or maybe the Mexican government, since they're always meddling in our national affairs. I knew this case smelled bad, but the stench of corruption goes all the way up to the White House. When I started covering this case back in August, I never dreamed the Bush administration was behind it all, driving the corruption in West Texas courts, where dirty attorneys collude with the worst criminal element in Mexico to attack American citizens! This is a betrayal of the worst kind.

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