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Sunday, February 18, 2007

It Really Sticks in Their Craws, Doesn't It?

Reporters, that is. Having to report that the spate of recent murders on the Arizona border are suspected to have been perpetrated by illegal aliens against illegal aliens.

Source: Chicago Tribune

In four recent cases, seven people have been killed in Arizona, mostly in seeming smuggler-on-smuggler violence; one case is also being investigated for possible vigilantism.

At Ironwood Forest earlier this month, three suspected immigrants were killed after gunmen apparently tried to steal a rival organization's load of illegal migrants; one suspected smuggler is now in federal custody.

How about some details on that "possible vigilantism," fellas? There seem to be plenty of details about the non-suspected-vigilantism cases, but these reporters aren't content to just share the facts. They have to slip in the vigilante angle, even without more information.

Or, apparently, for any reason other than the fact that they really, really want to.
"Militarization has created tremendous violence here," said Isabel Garcia, co-chairwoman of an immigrant-rights group called Derechos Humanos, who said she recently secured a restraining order against someone she labeled "a vigilante."

"The coyotes," she continued, referring to smugglers, "absolutely love our border policies. Now, no one can cross without a coyote, and they charge [$2,000, $3,000 or] $4,000, and [the policies] have created this tremendous profit-making industry."

Her unsubstantiated (in this article) claim that she's been targeted by a "vigilante" is pertinent to this story and her quote how, exactly?

Oh, that's right. I forgot. Pertinence is irrelevant when you're on a quest to insert the word "vigilante" into your story as many times as possible, although the story has materially nothing to do with vigilantism.

And, lest you think I'm falling down on the job, let's take a look at what passes for logic in Ms. Garcia's world, shall we?

Our government has done something to at least make it look like they want to enforce our immigration laws. A little. Smugglers make money transporting people into the country illegally. Therefore, the United States has created the human smuggling industry.

The American Dietary Association says that fast food is bad for us and we shouldn't eat it. McDonalds makes money selling fast food. Therefore, the ADA has created the fast food industry.

Or, perhaps -- just perhaps -- the illegal aliens who pay the smugglers to smuggle them (like those of us who shell out our hard-earned dollars to violate our bodies with unhealthy yet oh-so-delicious Bic Macs) created the industry. What's that called again? Those super-intelligent economics people have a name for it. What IS that called? Oh yeah! Supply and demand.

Aw crap! Now I want a Big Mac...

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